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Heart-Centered Business

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  • How to create an effective client enrollment system (a.k.a., a “sales funnel”) that will produce rapid results in your business.
  • A 90-Day Action Plan you can use to enroll new clients immediately!
  • Specific, HEART-CENTERED and low-cost marketing strategies to make sales, while remaining in TOTAL INTEGRITY!
  • PLUS Learn how you can apply for a $2,500 Grant to help you grow your business (grants are currently available to Vermont residents only)!

If you are a coach, healer, educator, yoga teacher, consultant, change agent or other heart-centered entrepreneur who is committed to making a difference in the world, this FREE WEBINAR will teach you a PROVEN System to Attract New Clients and Increase Sales with Low-Cost Marketing!

This FREE ONLINE TRAINING is ideal if you are struggling financially and would benefit from a PROVEN system to rapidly attract new clients to your small business or private practice!

This educational workshop will be led by Dharma J. Pugliese, founder and President of the Holistic School of Business, and Lucinda Newman, Certified Business Coach and the school's Director of Enrollment

Dharma J. Pugliese

Hi, I’m Dharma J, and I’m excited to share this Rapid Client Enrollment System with you! I’m an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and educator.  I'm also the Founder of The Holistic School of Business. This program combines my 20+ years experience as an entrepreneur, along with 15+ years teaching meditation in a way that will help you turn your unique purpose and calling in life into the form of a profitable and thriving business doing what you love. Since I've helped hundreds of small business owners bring their business (and their lives) to the next level, I know first-hand that the core principles of my teaching system work for anyone who wants to start and/or grow a successful business that makes a difference.  I am here to help you combine practical business training with spiritual principles in a way that will help you reach your full potential in life and in business.

Lucinda Newman

I am a life-shifting teacher, inspirational coach, target-oriented consultant, born strategist, and compassionate mentor all rolled into one. My intention is to empower and motivate you to have work and to create a business that supports the life you imagine. By using step-by-step methods and an intuitive approach, I have empowered hundreds of individuals to make a difference in their own lives, in the lives of others and in the world. I’m known as an expert of creating business, having work I love and personal development training. I can help you take the right action, make real value and create what’s next for you.

Andrea Thibaudeau Andrea Thibaudeau, Heart Space Yoga Center

In working with Jason, in less than six months I was able to fill my yoga teacher training with 25 students, my income for the studio increased over $50,000, and I was able to pay back the debt that I owed for the studio and was able to completely take my studio to the next level.

Callie Pegues Callie Pegues, HSB Student

The depth and knowledge I am receiving through the mentorship program at the Holistic Schoolof Business has benefited every aspect of my life - and it almost feels like an unfair trade because VSAC covered the entire cost!

If you live in Vermont, you can apply for a grant that could pay for FULL tuition in our NEW Online 6-Month Business Immersion and Mastermind program at the Holistic School of Business. If you qualify for the grant, you would literally be able to enroll in the program with ZERO out of pocket expense, and NEVER have to pay the grant money back.You can learn more about the program here: